Price: $200

State: Florida
City: Longwood
Zip code: 32752
Type: Animals

I have a 1 month old Kiko buckling for sale or trade. I am asking $200 for him now but price will increase with age/training.
Kiko Bottle Baby Buckling. Unaltered, can be castrated if wanted for a fee. For sale or trade. Will make great breeder or pet, Asking $200 or trade for other goats or other livestock, will also consider farm related items in trade, will sell for $400 if your going to eat him and will also require that he be bred and i would like a baby or 2 out of him. He is about a month old, still on the bottle and will need to be until he is at least 2 and a half months old. Adorable, sweet and is SUPER friendly. Great with other animals. He follows you like a dog and will start leash and other training. He is one of triplets and has color in his background. He is grey/white with grey, black and red hairs mixed into his coat . I would love to keep him but i have no time to bottle feed so he needs to go, as of now he is at a friends being cared for. Mother and father are gone, MAY have pictures but will have to find them. He and his parents are very easy keepers. Please email to set up a time and place to meet him, with info about your trade, for more info or with any questions.
Father was sold a few months ago, mother was attacked by a dog.
JUST POINTING OUT, I May trade for other bottle baby animals as i am keeping one of his sisters and she will need a friend for company when he leaves.
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.